“There is no way to God that bypasses the call to let go {i.e., to choose to trust Him}. You may have many intellectual doubts, and it is really important to be honest about those, to talk about them and study. However, thinking and studying alone never remove the need to choose. The question of faith is never just  an intellectual decision”—John Ortberg

Everyone Has To Answer The God Question Eventually

If it is a word from God, it has authority over men. For behind every word that anybody utters stands the person who speaks it. It is the speaker himself (his character, knowledge and position) who determines how people regard his words. So God’s Word carries God’s authority. It is because of who he is that we should believe what he has said [...]

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Asking the Hard Questions

September 23, 2014 — Leave a comment

Questioning the Bible isn’t always comfortable. In fact it can be downright scary. If we dig underneath “because the Bible says so” what will we find? Have we based our lives on a bunch of fairytales? How we view the Bible is no small matter. A lot is at stake. The [...]

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Does the Bible endorse slavery? Is the Bible anti-women? Does God hate homosexuals? Is the God of the Bible a genocidal monster? These are challenging questions for Christians to answer. In this new resource, I respond to four of the most culturally taboo issues of our day when it comes to the Bible. These objections often leave Christians speechless. This e-Book (for only .99 cents) summarizes the key arguments [...]

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